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Adsorption of albumin on rabbit sperm membranes

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  • M. Blank 1
  • L. Soo 1
  • J. S. Britten 1
  • 1) Department of Physiology, Columbia University, 630 W. 168 Street, 10032, New York, New York

When mammalian sperm cells are exposed to solutions of albumin there are changes in the membranes of some species that resemble those that normally occur in the uterus prior to fertilization. We have shown that albumin molecules adsorb on to the membranes of ejaculated rabbit sperm cells, and that the equilibrium binding constant,K, (1) varies inversely with the albumin concentration, (2) is independent of the sperm cell concentration in the range 106–107 per ml, (3) is independent of the time of exposure of the sperm cells to the albumin solution, and (4) decreases in the presence of Ca++ and Mg++ ions. An unusual aspect of the adsorption is that if the albumin concentration is given the symbol [A],K[A] is a constant in our measurements. This means that for virtually the entire range of [A] studied, the sperm cells bind albumin so that half of the available surface is coated and half remains uncoated. This situation is rather remarkable and it suggests a role that adsorption could play in the physical processes preceding fertilization. In purely physical systems, the optimum for the bridging and flocculation of particles that are coated with adsorbed macromolecular films occurs when half of the available surface is covered. The sperm cell appears to provide the optimal situation for interacting with itself or with another surface.

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The Journal of Membrane Biology

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