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Metal concentrations in certain coastal organisms from Beirut

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  • metals
  • coastal organisms
  • Beirut
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  • J. G. Shiber
  • Arabconsult, P.O. Box 113-5019, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Shiber Consultants, P.O. Box 21643, Safat, Kuwait

Trace metal concentrations were determined in six species of intertidal organisms common to the coast of Ras Beirut, Lebanon. Lead, cadmium, nickel, iron, and zinc were highest in the polychaete,Hermodice carunculata, but the eggs of the sea urchin,Arbacia lixula, had similar iron levels and the sea anemone,Actinia equina, had zinc concentrations which also approached levels in the polychaete. The highest copper occurred in the shore crab,Pachygrapsus transversus, while chromium was highest in the eggs ofArbacia lixula.Cystoseira spinosa, the only alga studied, had average copper and iron concentrations similar to those found in the same species in another study. Together with the sea urchin eggs,C. spinosa exhibited the most variable zinc levels in the present investigation. The fish,Thalassoma pavo, which is rather common along the rocky coastal areas of Lebanon, appeared to have fairly high concentrations of certain elements in relation to levels reported in species of fish from other locations. Sewage, garbage, industrial and agricultural waste materials all enter the Mediterranean from Lebanon without prior treatment, which along with increased land erosion, probably contribute substantially to the availability of metals to the biota studied. It is suggested that more work on trace elements in coastal organisms from the eastern Mediterranean basin be undertaken before any conclusive statements are made. Such work should also investigate the various physiological and biochemical factors involved in metal uptake and retention by each species.

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  • Arthropodes
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