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Etude morphologique de Syphaciella madagascariensis Vassiliadès (Nematoda, Heteroxynematidae) parasite de Pterocles personatus (Aves, Pteroclididae)

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  • J. P. Hugot
  • Laboratoire de Zoologie des Vers, Associé au C.N.R.S., Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, 61 rue Buffon, 75231, Paris cedex 05, France

Syphaciella madagascariensis Vassiliadès, 1970, parasitic in the caecum and intestine of a bird endemic to Madagascar,Pterocles personatus (Gould), is redescribed.S. madagascariensis is characterized by: (i) a very accentuated sexual dimorphism in the buccal structures; (ii) in the males by a massive spicule, a feebly developed gubernaculum and four pairs of genital papillae; and (iii) in the females by a short musculo-glandular region of the ovejector and by the peculiar morphology of the eggs. The morphological characteristics and the systematics of the genusSyphaciella Mönnig, 1920 are discussed. In the past, the description of two spicules in severalSyphaciella spp. led to this genus being considered as a cosmocercoid or an aberrant oxyuroid group. The morphological study ofS. madagascariensis shows that: (i) the description of these two spicules has probably resulted in an erroneous interpretation; and (ii) the genusSyphaciella possesses all of the typical characters of the oxyuroid family Heteroxynematidae. This genus includes six very closely related species and is specific to the host genusPterocles throughout its geographical range, from South Africa and Madagascar to India. Most of the other heteroxynematids are parasitic in rodents or lagomorphs and the presence of such a parasite in birds is interpreted as being the result of host capture.

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