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Relationships among fishes and their prey in a nearshore sand community off southern California

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  • Marine fishes
  • Predator-prey
  • Competition
  • Diel patterns
  • Trophic adaptations
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  • Edmund S. Hobson 1
  • James R. Chess 1
  • 1) Tiburon Laboratory, Southwest Fisheries Center, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, 3150 Paradise Drive, 94920, Tiburon, CA, USA

Synopsis: Trophic relationships among marine fishes in a nearshore sand environment off southern California showed that the species were distinguished by specific morphological and behavioral features adapted to capture the prey, and evade the predators, that were characteristic of that habitat. Species that foraged primarily by day included the serranidParalabrax clathratus, the embiotocidEmbiotoca jacksoni, and the labridsHalichoeres semicinctus andSemicossyphus pulcher. Primarily nocturnal foragers included the ophidiidChilara taylori, the sciaenidUmbrina roncador, the embiotocidsCymatogaster aggregata andHyperprosopon argenteum, and the pleuronectidPleuronichthys coenosus. The bothidCitharichthys stigmaeus regularly fed during both day and night. The major predatory threat to these fishes came from the bothidParalichthys californicus, which was primarily diurnal. In combination, these fishes possessed an array of behavioral and morphological feeding adaptations that closely matched the feeding opportunities present in that habitat. Not only did they consume, as a group, every species identified in samples of organisms from the environment (except the holoplankton, as discussed), they exploited these species over virtually the entire size ranges present. We infer from these circumstances that the species composition of fishes in this community was strongly influenced by the presence of specific feeding opportunities.

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Environmental Biology of Fishes

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