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Differential utilization of space and food by the inshore rockfishes (Scorpaenidae: Sebastes ) of Carmel Bay, California

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  • Kelp forests
  • Resource partitioning
  • Competition
  • Diet overlap
  • Coexistence
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  • Leon E. Hallacher 1
  • Dale A. Roberts 2
  • 1) Department of Zoology, University of California, 94720, Berkeley, CA, USA
  • 2) Department of Biology, San Francisco State University, 94132, San Francisco, CA, USA

Synopsis: Six rockfish species were found to be common in the Carmel Bay kelp forests. Five of these occupy spatial zones that are more or less distinct from one another. Three species (S. atrovirens, S. chrysomelas, and S. carnatus) occupy species-specific spatial zones while two others (S. serranoides and S. melanops), although spatially distinct from each other, occupy zones that overlap completely with a sixth species, S. mystinus. Food overlap values (PSI) indicate that S. mystinus has low competitive overlap with all other species, and hence can coexist with two species using the same habitat. Dietary arrays reflect the distinct spatial zones occupied by most of the rockfishes. Structural characteristics associated with feeding (maxillary, intestine, and gill raker length) suggest that these species are differentially adapted in regard to feeding morphology. The coexistence of these rockfishes appears to be the result of the partitioning of food and space resources, rather than the result of stochastic events which appear to be important in the structuring of some coral-reef fish communities. S. mystinus juveniles represent a major trophic link between adult piscivores and the planktonic organisms upon which the juveniles feed. A sustained crash in S. mystinus numbers might have a negative effect on abundance of kelp forest piscivorous species.

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Environmental Biology of Fishes

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