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A double surface membrane in plerocercoids of Ligula intestinalis (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea)

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  • Uwe Conradt 1
  • Jürgen Schmidt 1
  • 1) Institut für Zoologie der Universität, Universitätsstrasse 1, W-4000, Düsseldorf, Germany

The tegument ofLigula intestinalis plerocercoids is delimited by a membrane complex that in electron microscopy appears heptalaminate. We suggest that the plerocercoids are covered by two closely apposed lipid bilayers. Double membranes, which are well known in schistosomes, are thus not a unique feature of blood parasitic Digenea but could be documented for the first time in a cestode species that lives in the peritoneal cavity of its host. The surface-membrane complex of plerocercoids was lost for the most part after conventional preparation for electron microscopy but could be completely retained by improved fixation using osmium tetroxide plus potassium ferrocyanide. Furthermore, one type of vesicle in the tegumental syncytium of plerocercoids has been found to be enclosed by at least two membranes, which might indicate that these vesicles contribute to the renewal of the surface-membrane complex. AdultLigula intestinalis removed from the gut of the final hostAnas platyrhnychos or obtained by in vitro transformation exhibited a single surface membrane and lacked double membrane vesicles. The elongate electron-dense caps of the microtriches of plerocercoids were replaced by short caps in the course of worm maturation. Thus, the tegumental surface of this parasite is fundamentally altered following the change in its environment from the peritoneal cavity of the intermediate host to the intestine of the final host.

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