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The ecological pollination syndromes of insect-pollinated plants in an alpine meadow

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  • Alpine plants
  • Bumble bees
  • Insect pollination
  • Pollination syndromes
  • Syrphid flies
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  • Takakazu Yumoto
  • Laboratory for the Plant Ecological Studies, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University, 606, Kyoto

The insect pollination of an alpine plant community consisting of herbs and shrubs, was observed on Mt. Kisokoma-ga-take, central Honshu, Japan. There were two main groups of pollinators, syrphid flies and bumble bees. Although some shrubs were visited by both types of insects, other shrubs and the herbs were visited by either syrphid flies or bumble bees. Two types of herbs categorized by the difference of flower-visiting insects, the Syrphid-type and the Bombus-type, exhibited some clearly contrasting ecological characteristics such as the flowering behavior of individual plants, spatial distribution of the plant populations and segregation of flowering phenology at the community level. The Syrphid-type herbs were densely distributed throughout wide areas in the tall herb stand, and all the flowers borne by an individual plant bloomed simultaneously. Each species did not markedly segregate its flowering time from that of other species of the same type. The Bombus-type herbs were distributed locally and/or at low density, and the individual flowers borne by an individual plant showed staggered flowering times. Each species had a more strictly segregated flowering time. These ecological characteristics of these two flower types seemed to be related to the behavioral characteristics of their pollinators.

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Ecological Research

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